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Hendersons Are a Driving Force for Good

Randy and Marion Henderson learned at early age about the spirit of giving from their parents.

“Growing up, I was taught to give at church. I carried my money in my handkerchief. You did not go to church without something to give,” recalls Marion.

Randy and Marion Henderson created a fund.Randy remembers his parents “would always participate in giving at church and taught him that it’s always better to give than to receive. Tithing is something we learned about later.”

The Webster couple, married for 25 years, has tried to set the same example for their three children and six grandchildren at church, at work and in the community.

Randy is the family’s public face as president of Henderson Ford Lincoln in Webster and former owner of several other local car dealerships in the past 12 years. A former board member for Roberts Wesleyan College, he is now a member of the Rochester Joint Schools Construction Board overseeing modernization projects, the board for Action for a Better Community, and several car dealership organizations. He recently became a licensed minister at The Church of Love in Rochester, where he had been involved in youth jail ministry for the past five years.

A New Day Now, a nonprofit organization created by Randy’s car dealerships, partners with and contributes to local churches and community nonprofits that primarily focus on life-enriching programs for youth.

“I never think of myself really as a role model. People tell me that I am. At some level, I hope to inspire someone else,” Randy says.

Marion also keeps very busy, including babysitting for two of their grandchildren on a regular basis. In other parts of her life, “I would consider myself a giver of my self, of my time. Money should be part of it, too.”

She and Randy recently created the Henderson Family Fund at the Community Foundation to expand their charitable giving efforts and to more deeply involve their family.

“With this fund, we have indicated when we started down this path and invited them to participate and have an ongoing role in the fund’s direction that there would be a financial commitment, too,” says Randy, who first heard about the Community Foundation in his work for ABC, and more recently at his church.

Marion, who was working at Duke University Medical Center in admitting and records when she met Randy in the 1970s, would like to see their fund support the needs of the elderly. “Social Security doesn’t provide all that they need. I see a real gap there.” Randy would also like to support education in some way and families in need.

But the focus of future grants from their donor-advised fund also could be influenced by the interests of their daughter, Aki, and son, Brian, who both work at the dealership, and son Ray, who lives in Virginia with his family.

The Hendersons say they feel blessed and fortunate to be able to give back to their community. “The spirit of giving is what’s important,” says Randy.