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Successful Aging

Growing older has its challenges. Just getting from place to place can be a major issue, especially in a rural area such as Genesee County.

Thanks to a partnership between the Community Foundation, the Genesee County Office of Aging, and a citizen advisory group we created for the purpose, senior residents are enjoying a better quality of life.

Fifteen percent of Genesee County citizens are 65 or over, a higher percentage than both our region and the state. Since 1999, our Marshall Fund for the Aging has added new or increased services in transportation, home repair, friendly visits, library services, recreation, and other non-medical assistance not provided by public funds.

In its recent program year the transportation service, for example, provided 6,182 one-way trips for medical appointments, shopping, social gatherings, work, volunteering, and other types of trips. Participants rate the service good to excellent, and the great majority would use it more often if available.

Pamela Whitmore, director of the Genesee County Office of Aging, says the Marshall grants, named for a former county librarian, enhance the office’s programs immensely. “The Fund helps those who are active and social as well as those who are frail and homebound, providing them with necessities they might otherwise have to do without. It plays a vital role in maintaining their independence and well-being,” Whitmore says.

Inspired by the valuable work supported by the Marshall Fund, the daughter of G. Stanley and Teresa Ann Allen created a fund in her parents’ honor to provide transportation services for people age 50 and older who reside in Orleans County and who need help with transportation because of visual or other impairments.

Other older adult services supported by our grantmaking include:

  • Residential care in Monroe and Wayne counties;
  • Medical and social transportation services in Monroe County;
  • Social services in Monroe and surrounding counties; and 
  • Continuing education in Monroe County.

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